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Skeptics Welcome

We live in a time where more and more people find themselves suspicious and skeptical of the Christian church and the basic claims of Christianity. We get that, and at Gospel City Fellowship we see this as an opportunity to rebuild trust and to provide rational responses to the many practical and philosophical questions we all struggle with.

Intellectually Honest.

Relationally Hospitable.

No matter where you are along the spectrum of belief—very skeptical, quite perplexed, or definitely convinced, we hope you feel a sense of belonging as we all wrestle with the questions of faith with intellectual honesty and relational hospitality.

Doubting various doctrines and aspects of the Christian faith is more common than Christians would care to admit. We're all prone to wander and we're all prone to doubt. Therefore, the question is not if we will doubt, but rather, when we do, how do we deal with our doubts?

We desire to cultivate a spiritual community that helps people to discover the reality and relevance of biblical Christianity. We want to encourage people to process their doubts while they are seeking the truth and to ask hard and honest questions. We also want to be a community that equips people with helpful and honest answers to their questions.

Stay tuned. More info and resources coming to this page soon.

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Gospel City Fellowship is a developing mission church of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). We're in the very beginning stages of envisioning and cultivating a reformed community in the city of Portsmouth, NH that is Gospel-centered, City-positive, and Fellowship-focused.


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